We officially launched our brand for vacation clubs at GNEX – ACOTUR 2021. We are a company that is revolutionizing the era of add-ons, not only being the most exclusive and complete yacht membership.

Through our different bottom-ups for immediate use, we become an excellent closing tool which allows the closer to solidify the sale and thus avoid early cancellation due to buyers remorse.

In the same way, with our different points of contact with the partner established in our post-sales process, we give the partner peace of mind and certainty about his investment, making him feel like our most VIP client, taking advantage of this flow to generate a closer relationship between our service executives. and the partner that allows us later to encourage you to use our benefits, this is how we complete the process that makes us a great anti-recision shield and above all an excellent ally to increase the percentage of use and therefore the global satisfaction index of the membership