Shortly after GNEX 2020, SPI finished the development of a new Mobile App. This Mobile App is an upgrade to our popular Owner Connect module. Owner Connect is an SPI web application that provides a self-service portal for timeshare owners. By utilizing Owner Connect, owners can view their accounts, monitor usage (weeks or points), book reservations, provide secure payments, and be kept up to date electronically on activities at their resort. Each SPI property can configure and custom brand both Owner Connect and the new SPI Mobile App. Both tools provide resorts improved communication with owners, alleviate work for staff and drive higher satisfaction from owners.

A major improvement provided by the SPI Mobile App is the ability for a property sales department to download documentation onto a new owner’s mobile device to help finalize the sales process. Before a potential owner leaves the sales table, they can view their account, review all sales documentation, access a communication portal with the property, and if desired, book their first reservation. This functionality leads to increased sales and better-informed owners, which benefits both the property and its owner base.

Another recent addition to the SPI Software platform was an industry-led response to the CoVid-19 pandemic. To assist our customers in adapting to social distance guidelines, and still provide the best possible customer service, SPI developed its “PreCheck-In” functionality. The goal behind this module was to minimize face-to-face interaction during the check-in process. This new feature was made available to SPI customers at no additional charge.

With SPI PreCheck, customers can bypass the front desk and check-in directly to their unit. Resorts have the capability of gathering information before check-in, parking passes can be prepared, all guest policies can be agreed upon, door and lock codes can be shared, and guests can be notified when their units are clean and ready for check-in.

Adding these layers of security assures guests and employees can reduce human interactions as much as possible. Properties can adhere to the health and safety guidelines being enforced by their local governments, and still provide exceptional customer service, which improves overall guest satisfaction.

Offering mobile check-in services is one of the most adapted hospitality trends we have seen in 2020/2021 and SPI was one of the first to provide this service.

In February of 2021, SPI released SPInsights. SPInsights utilizes Microsoft’s Power BI platform, a business analytics service available from Microsoft. The new service provides business intelligence capabilities with an interface that allows for end-users to easily develop their own reports and dashboards. By using Power BI with the SPI Software database, properties can transform their data into clear visualizations that help them better understand their operation.
To help our customers receive the most from this new release, SPI has built a series of reports-dashboards, and templates that access the SPI software database and are available for immediate use. Current Dashboards include Salesperson Efficiency, Availability Snapshots, Tours & Sales Grids, Sales Center Scoreboard, Staffing Reports, Membership Dues, and Service Request Tracking. SPI also provides hundreds of pre-built reports within our current system as we recognize but every property is unique.

By using SPInsights, SPI has opened endless possibilities for data analysis and reporting capabilities. More advanced customers are able to modify these templates and create their own reports. Since SPInsights uses Power BI, which is a global product, data sources outside of the SPI database platform can be accessed to create companywide dashboards and reports. This ability to consolidate data from multiple sources into a single, actionable report–view allows for insights into your entire organization.

The SPI system continually collects customer data. SPInsights gives resort management the ability to utilize this data and make the meaningful decisions crucial to their success. Having immediate access to resort information is priceless. SPInsights is the product that allows resorts to see their operations in new ways, make better decisions, and drive additional revenue.

SPI customers understand data equals knowledge, knowledge equals success.

All of these additions were done by the SPI Development team over the past year and are reasons that SPI should be considered for the Best Product Development at GNEX 2021.