Vacation Innovations (VI) and Holiday Systems International (HSI) had been serving the hospitality industry independently for more than two decades before joining forces in July 2020. With the acquisition of HSI by VI, the companies were able to leverage their individual strengths to provide a truly comprehensive travel solution for their customers under one entity, while also providing opportunities for their employees.

Without question, the past several years have proven to be challenging for the entire travel industry. In a strategic move aimed at thriving in spite of the pandemic, Vacation Innovations acquired Holiday Systems International in July of 2020. The company’s acquisition of HSI has continued the brand’s forward momentum, further expanding HSI’s capabilities and reach, expanding its already impressive suite of established travel products while bolstering the organization’s resources and strategic position in the industry and raising the caliber of products and services across all business lines.

HSI has built a reputation as a leading wholesale travel provider and developer of award-winning, travel-related rewards programs and technology, producing some of the most sophisticated software and user interfaces in the travel industry. Similarly, VI has served as a trusted partner within the travel industry, offering best-in class travel services and industry-leading expertise in vacation ownership solutions for consumers and developers. Together under VI, the company’s dedication to delivering best-in-class products while serving as an employer of choice has never been stronger or more apparent.

Leveraging its strategic relationships with properties and developers, VI and its nearly 250 employees have positioned the company as a leader in travel services, providing more than 600,000 members with exceptional travel opportunities and experiences across multiple brands. With a significant focus on providing white-labeled travel platforms, many catering specifically to the timeshare industry, the company has expanded its presence to provide travel services in collaboration with more than 2,500 affiliates and partners and has paid more than $100 million in maintenance fees to the timeshare industry.

HSI’s wide range of products and services, in conjunction with VI’s developer relationships, has helped serve the combined companies’ clients more effectively by offering lead generation and customizable technology solutions, while also driving additional tours. Combining HSI’s one-click checkout with the significant traffic—nearly 5 million visits annually—generated across VI’s strategic web presence has led to the development of new product offerings while breathing new life into existing brands. Over the course of the past year, after months of refinement and significant investment into the platform, the company has announced the rollout of refreshed branding and key product enhancements across multiple existing travel platforms and has also launched several custom-built solutions in conjunction with strategic developer partners.

The company also recognizes the importance of providing best-in-class benefits to its employees. In addition to offering its team members competitively priced medical, dental, and vision insurance, as well as 401k with company match, VI also offers 2 full weeks of paid maternity or paternity leave for new parents and flexible working arrangements, as well as access to its signature discounted travel platform.

VI is focused on creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, offering opportunities for success to all people, regardless of race, gender, or ability, and is one of the few organizations in the vacation ownership industry that features minority and female executives as part of its C-suite. VI is also committed to providing a welcoming work environment, part of which includes their “open door” policy, which allows all employees, regardless of position, access to executives to share any thoughts, ideas, or concerns. In addition, the company has allowed many employees to either remain working remotely or in a hybrid format as the world begins to come out of the pandemic.

VI and its employees have a history of fierce dedication to supporting the underserved, championing causes from animal rights to homelessness. The company’s teams across all locations have rallied around VI’s charity of choice, Miles To Go Charities, a nonprofit started by company CEO Chad Newbold’s 9-year-old son, which is focused on providing essential supplies to homeless residents. In the past year alone, VI has helped Miles To Go provide more than 2,000 bags of essential supplies to homeless individuals in Orlando and Las Vegas.

The combination of these two organizations into one stronger company has proven extremely beneficial from an organizational perspective but has also provided immense benefit to the clients and customers that interact with VI’s products and services daily, as well as its employees. Without question, Vacation Innovations is the Best Overall Company in the vacation ownership industry – no other organization comes close to serving the needs of companies or customers within this industry more fully or with more professionalism.