Vacation Innovations’ My Travel Benefits (MTB) is dedicated to providing unique travel benefits to businesses and their employees through our high-end products, services, and technology. As one of the largest travel aggregators in the industry, the company understands the importance of travel and taking time for ourselves, as well as the importance of a seamless and stress-free booking process. Simply put, businesses and their employees should have access to quality travel options at unbeatable prices, MTB and its newly enhanced website deliver just that.

Following the acquisition of HSI by Vacation Innovations in July 2020, work began to elevate the valuable membership program above and beyond its award-winning, existing format and prepare for post-pandemic surges in demand. In December of last year, after months of refinement and significant investment into the platform, HSI announced the rollout of a brand new, feature-filled website for MTB, along with key product enhancements focused on improving the user experience for this industry-leading employer perks platform.

My Travel Benefits provides private-client travel discounts at below-OTA rates for more than 50,000 active members through multiple major global corporate employers, as well as smaller organizations. To better serve users’ needs, HSI redesigned how members search for and book travel using the platform, introducing a reimagined, intuitive member portal with a modern look and feel, along with a new mobile-friendly interface that makes it possible to search and book vacations on any device.

My Travel Benefits’ new website features include:
• Upgraded technology for faster search results and better performance
• Improved text-based search experience for resort weeks
• Simple, one-page checkout experience for all travel types
• Streamlined Travel Cash rewards redemption
• Updated cruise booking platform
• Hundreds of additional hotels added to the platform

These new enhancements were designed to streamline the entire membership experience, elevating the platform’s utility for members, and making them want to travel even more.

The upgraded website was a necessary improvement as VI looked to expand MTB’s reach as a leading employer benefits platform. Prior to this update, the brand’s public-facing website featured nothing more than a login screen, making validation of the platform and its services both to consumer as well as to employer partners a potential barrier to use. By reimagining the entire customer experience, from the homepage, login, search, payment, and beyond, this updated site provides a high level of confidence in the brand and the product itself, which the company has already seen make significant improvements in both usage and discussions with potential future partners.

From a customer perspective, the new website helps them better understand the product and how to use it, providing information on benefit specifics, as well as a comprehensive overview of the brand’s industry-leading rewards program, Travel Cash. For businesses interested in exploring working with MTB, the website offers a thorough demonstration of the product’s value proposition and provides a clear channel for businesses to reach out to find out more or register for an educational webinar.

By providing a significant leap forward in both technology and information, the fully redesigned is set to not only increase transactions among the brand’s existing user base, but also increase future partnership opportunities with major global brands.