Chad Newbold, CEO of Holiday Systems International (HSI) and its parent company Vacation Innovations (VI), has built Vacation Innovations from the ground up, establishing the organization as the industry leader in vacation ownership rental and resale. Most recently, he has effectively led his organization through expansion and acquisition amid a global pandemic to become a more robust, holistic travel company.

As travel came to a virtual standstill and every sector of the industry felt the strain of a global machine grinding to a halt, Chad chose to pivot from a survival to a growth mindset and immediately began planning the route to recovery. In July 2020, Chad led VI’s acquisition of Las Vegas-based Holiday Systems International, diversifying and bolstering the company’s holdings and offerings to facilitate a period of rapid recovery and growth.

Chad faced a particularly challenging set of circumstances, not only focusing on repositioning the company he helped build and shape over the past two decades, as well as the newly acquired HSI, but also caring for its family of employees and reassuring the industry of the company’s strength. In navigating COVID-19, Chad fully embraced the work from home movement, moving entire departments, including the majority of the company’s call center workforce, to remote work. While many organizations are looking to “Return to Office”, Chad realizes the efficiencies and overall benefits that remote work offers and has allowed many employees to stay fully remote, while offering hybrid arrangements for others to accommodate individual needs.

Since the acquisition of Holiday Systems International, Chad has driven Vacation Innovations’ focus on enhancing the functionality of existing products and platforms and has also launched new brands to help grow existing partnerships and attract new business opportunities.

Chad is the embodiment of an entrepreneur, innovator, and leader in travel and tourism. Early in his career, Chad quickly developed an interest and innate ability as it relates to ecommerce. He co-founded Vacation Innovations in 1999 and, under his leadership, the company has grown from a five-employee title company to a 200+ employee organization with numerous business lines across the travel and vacation ownership industries, and multiple office locations across the U.S. and Mexico.

Chad’s entrepreneurial spirit and expertise in internet marketing, SEO, business development, and travel industry mergers and acquisitions have proven he is a prime example of the grit and drive that represents the best of the travel industry. In 2012, he led Vacation Innovations’ strategic acquisition of and Timeshare Broker Services. This move grew revenue by more than 300 percent and effectively transformed the organization into a full-service secondary market solution, from timeshare advertising to transfers, sales, rentals and brokerage services. With the acquisition of Las Vegas-based HSI, he further diversified the company’s portfolio and reach, and continues to actively pursue additional opportunities aimed at strengthening VI’s products and services.

In addition to serving his employees, customers and family, Chad is also fiercely dedicated to serving others. He is active in several nonprofits focused on improving the lives of children and the homeless both locally and internationally, including Bridges of Light and Harbor House, among others. In support of these organizations, Chad has tirelessly helped raise money to build schools in developing countries and provide children in need with clothing, school supplies and other essentials. He truly leads by example and works to inspire his teams through action.

When Chad’s 9-year-old son Miles expressed an interest in supporting the Central Florida homeless community, Chad helped him establish his own initiative, Miles To Go Charities. A 501(c)(3) charitable organization, Miles To Go collects, organizes and distributes essential products from toothbrushes and socks to hand sanitizer and bottled water to the homeless community in and around Orlando, and now in Las Vegas as well. What started as a simple idea has grown significantly, and the organization has now provided more than 5,000 supply bags to those who need it most.

Chad Newbold is a proven leader who has spent decades driving a key sector of the travel industry. He has taken calculated risks and led his teams enthusiastically through uncertain times to become a leading organization in the travel space, working with resort partners around the world to help send people on vacation.