Arrivia is proud to announce a new dynamic pipeline connection feature available to its partners. This new feature is a game-changer and allows us to directly connect into the CRS systems of our hotel partners. By having this all-new capability, we are able to work together on unique rate codes and promotions to drive more direct bookings and revenue to our partners at a time when new revenue is critical for travel recovery.

The previous system was a static and very manual process, consuming countless man hours to input inventory that was then—only displayed in a small subset of the platform and shopping experience for our members. This new feature allows our partners to dynamically update their inventory and rates with us on-the-fly to strategically push specific inventory at specific times of the year, simultaneously. This dynamic connection feature is also streaming into our highest booked inventory vertical that accounts for 90% of all bookings and then pushed downstream to the previous vertical where we housed the static inventory.

When we launched this new feature, we saw immediate results of 85% direct bookings, up from a previous direct booking share of 40%. We have also seen an incredible increase of overall bookings, room nights, and revenue vs 2019. Year over year, we are experiencing a record increase of more than 113% revenue and 110% room nights vs same time last year.

With such great results, we are now rolling this out to more partners looking to increase revenue.