In 2021, the need for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs in the workplace became more apparent than ever. The call to support underrepresented communities was loud and clear, and companies were put in the spotlight to support their teams. Arrivia’s dedication to create a positive, inclusive environment where everyone can feel like they belong has always been at the forefront and was amplified over the past year to ensure we supported our team members around the globe. To ensure we continued that commitment to belonging, arrivia implemented a variety of initiatives.
The first order of business was to create a committee to guide arrivia’s DEI initiatives. When creating the committee, it was most important that we represented every one of our team members. The committee was carefully selected through an application process ensuring we had members from every global location, every department, and every underrepresented group. The response to the application process was tremendous with over 60 applications received and resulted in a highly diverse team ready to take action. To get an understanding of where the organization stood in their current DEI efforts, a survey was launched. The company scored 75% positively overall in DEI categories, and the feedback received also provided an action plan for future initiatives. The committee then decided to split into four sub-committees to make sure initiatives had the biggest impact. The sub-committees included communication, training, community, and employee lifecycle. To introduce the sub-committees to the organization, a series of panel discussions were held where team members could join in to learn more and ask questions. Some of the activities completed by the team this year include the “Show Your Colors” campaign, encouraging team members to submit their story to celebrate diversity. In addition, the team also created our DEI library full of books that can be checked-out free of charge for team members to learn more about a variety of diverse topics including race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, ability and more. Team members are free to take books and encouraged to leave a review for others when they are finished. In its first official year, the DEI committee has made a great impact on the organization.
To further its efforts to creating a truly global company culture, arrivia also started its global culture team. The team consists of representatives from each of our global offices who have a passion for employee engagement. Representatives meet every other week to discuss upcoming initiatives and team member involvement. One of the major successes of the team this past year was the “celebrate locally, educate globally” initiative. The team recognized that each location has a variety of celebrations and holidays unique to that region, and while we may not be able to celebrate them all, we wanted to make sure we educated. An email communication series was implemented and received immediate positive response. Team members around the globe were able to gain a better understanding and appreciation for the cultures of their fellow co-workers.
An additional step the company took in the past year was to re-examine our benefits offerings to ensure they truly reflected the diverse and inclusive environment we promote. To assist with this, the company implemented the following benefits for team members on all the different paths to parenthood:
• Adoption assistance
• Surrogacy assistance
• Fertility assistance
• Paid parental leave
• Addition of MLK Jr. Day and Juneteenth as paid company holidays
Beyond the ample amount of positive impact the company’s DEI efforts have had on employees globally, they also play an important role in our larger communities. By implementing so many initiatives, we have become a more inclusive employer. This has attracted a widely diverse candidate pool for many of our roles which helps our employee base be more representative of the communities in which we do business. In addition, our “celebrate locally, educate globally” initiative has created a greater sense of understanding an acceptance globally. People from various cultures have found an appreciation for cultures they may not have understood before, which as a whole has an incredible impact on our larger communities, especially in a time where lack of understanding and appreciation has led to conflict rather than conversation.