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X-TALKS are unique to GNEX Conferences; introducing high impact solo presentations that are just 10 minutes long each. These sessions enable us to provide a wide variety of session topics, packed with useful information without the waffle. Each speaker is carefully selected for their XpertiseXperience, or Xcellence regarding the topic they will speak about, hence X-TALKS. Attendees can easily drop in and out of the main conference room to see just the ones that interest them most, leaving more time for networking and planned meetings. Additionally we have thought-provoking workshops and a panel session bringing together our industry’s trade associations.



Jim Madrid, Advance Sports TechnologyJim Madrid
Advance Sports Technology
Jim Madrid is an expert in Human Performance and Leadership. From Fortune 500 Companies like Boeing, Nordstrom, St. Regis Resorts and Hotels, Mercedes Benz, Lexus Banco Santander, Oakley to professional sports teams like Seattle Sounders FC, Seattle Seahawks, Washington Redskins, Utah Jazz, along with collegiate teams, Cal State Fullerton, Seattle U, UNLV, and now to youth sports clubs; Madrid and AST have helped organizations and individuals, achieve unprecedented, record-breaking results by their unique approach to “One Team, One Direction.”

Our resident Emcee offers his annual critical thinking workshops which are an audience favorite.

High Performance Habits
An interactive session where groups discuss and debate 10 habits commonly found in high performance people. Learn from the opinions and experiences of others in your group and benefit from shared ideas that will help your own self-development and can be taken back and implemented at your company.

A Leader’s Guide To Problem Solving
Do you excel at problem solving and facing challenges in your business? Here’s your opportunity to prove it in a unique workshop, often delivered to elite athletes and large corporations; that demonstrates how successful leaders see challenges as opportunities to triumph and how there’s always more than one solution to a problem. Whether you are a leader of a few or many; or are not yet a leader but think you have the skills, this workshop will open your eyes to a different way of leading teams.




Gaetan Babin, Director, Wyndham Reef ResortGaetan Babin
Wyndham Reef Resort
A Brand New World
How did a non-branded resort become #1 in Quality for all Wyndham Resorts worldwide? We learn of the success of Wyndham Reef Resort, Grand Cayman and the steps taken to integrate a new culture while maintaining a successful sales operation as they became part of the largest hotel brand in the world. Plus a look at the need for developers to take responsibility in assisting members who wish to sell, and how to do it effectively.
Simon Crawford-Welch, COO, Seychelle MediaSimon Crawford-Welch
Chief Operating Officer
Seychelle Media
5 Things That Successful Experiential Marketers Will Be Doing in 2019
From chatbots to artificial intelligence; from video, voice & augmented reality advertising to click funnels; from scaling walled gardens to data privacy…. all are essential to optimizing your return on advertising spend (“ROAS”) in a dynamic, fluid & often agnostic marketing environment.
Ericka Schwarm, Director of Client Development, EquiantEricka Schwarm
Director of Client Development
“Don’t Go It Alone”
Experience improved Portfolio Performance, be Compliant, improve Efficiency and have Unparalleled Support when utilizing a third-party servicing platform! Handling the maintenance and administration of these systems on your own may be complicated, expensive and extremely time consuming. A third-party service provider is often the best option to ensure that you maximize your system benefits!
Barry Landsberg, Vice President, Residential Development Americas & Owner Benefits, AccorHotelsBarry Landsberg
Vice President, Residential Development Americas & Owner Benefits
Creating Stickiness with Ownership Benefits Programs
It may be the F-word of the vacation ownership industry but fractional ownership can work by creating meaningful on-going value through your ownership benefits offering.  And why stop there? Create more resilient projects by successfully mixing fractional and whole-ownership products and ownership benefits.
Duane Lee, CEO, VacationSafeGuard
Duane Lee
Vacation SafeGuard
How To Win Members & Influence People
With competition from inside and outside of the industry for your customer’s vacation dollars, loyalty and value proposition are key to growing your business. This session looks at the plethora of vacation club product variations now available to try to attract and keep new customers, plus the common ways companies grow loyalty – asking the question, what do customers value most?
Eliana Jones, Director of Marketing & Business Development, Hotel Xcaret MexicoEliana Jones
Director of Marketing & Business Development
Hotel Xcaret Mexico
The Industry’s Expansion Into Destination Resort Marketing
Mexico is continuing to push boundaries in experiential vacations and vacation ownership is at the forefront as a core component. This session looks at the success of incorporating vacation club sales and marketing into one of Cancun / Riviera Maya’s most famous attractions – Xcaret. Hotel Xcaret opened in 2107 and redefines the all-inclusive concept with access to eco-parks and more, providing an unrivaled “experience” – so how is this type of extended product incorporated into the vacation ownership offering, and is this a glimpse of the future for our industry?
Sri Raghavan, CEO, Biz SciencesSri Raghavan
Biz Sciences
Going Digital: Essential Technologies To Help You Reach The Millennial Buyers With The Right Timeshare Product Via The Right Channel!
The Next Generation of Timeshare Buyers is here! Are you reconfiguring your timeshare offering to meet their needs? Are you able to acquire and engage them via Social Media? This talk will help you understand the Millennial Customer and the Digital Strategies that you need to deploy now to future proof your offering. We will explore some big ideas on how to leverage Blockchain Technology and networking with partners via API’s in a connected world. Last but not least, we will talk about how to harness the power of Big Data tools and AI to prospect, sell and upgrade timeshare customers.
Steve Pentland, CEO, LightSteve Pentland
The Power Of Film
Why is film the right media for today? How can film lift marketing and lift sales? What makes some films feel three hours long and some just three minutes? This session will last ten minutes, will feel like five and give you many times that in food for thought.
Peter Roth, Vice President of Marketing, Communications & Industry Relations, ARDAPeter Roth
Vice President of Marketing, Communications & Industry Relations
Reputation Management – A 360° View
Reputation Management – everyone is talking about it and many companies now have a Chief Reputation Officer (CRO) in their C-Suite. Many people think of Reputation Management as a function of Public Relations, however if implemented correctly, it should be woven into the fabric of your entire business. We will take a practical look at some of the areas you can focus on to improve the effectiveness of your reputational management programs.This X Talk will help you identify the difference between a business challenge and a communications challenge, learn ways to build a team to address a specific reputational issue, and finally help to identify the different stakeholders involved and how to successfully influence or shape their perceptions in order to shift their opinions.
Michael Tolan, Director, World Class InstituteMichael J. Tolan
World Class Institute
How Could Neuroscience (Brain Hacking) Impact Vacation Ownership Sales Performance?
Working with top experts in Neuroscience on the effects of Micro- Trauma, it’s found that the emotions that Sales Reps and Lead Generators face a on a daily basis causes a FEAR OF REJECTION that negatively impacts the bottom line of a company. This session will explore two dimensions of our research… The First – How to deploy Artificial Intelligence to feed real time info to sales teams on the emotional detection of their clients… and Second – How to leverage some of the tools of neuroscience to hack the negative mind into becoming more automatically resilient and productive; reducing the costs of staff turn over, and improving efficiencies and revenue.

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